Five Movies Similar to How To Train Your Dragon To View

The Best Movies like How to Train Your Dragon

We have compiled a list of movies like How to Train Your Dragon. A young Viking, who wanted to be a hunter of dragons, ended up becoming the unlikely friend and confidant of a young dragon. He learned more about these creatures than he realized.

How to Train Your Dragon-Related Movies

The Immortal Guardians will unite to protect the innocence of children worldwide from the evil spirit Pitch’s attack on Earth.

Big Hero 6

The special bond that develops between Baymax, a plus-sized inflatable robot, and Hiro Hamada, the prodigy, forms. Together they form Hiro Hamada’s high-tech hero group with all their tech-savvy friends.

The Croods

A caveman family has lost their cave and must embark on an adventure through a new and wonderful world with the help and creativity of a boy.


Princess Merida is determined for her life path and challenges a tradition that creates chaos in her kingdom. Merida must use her courage and archery skills to reverse a beastly curse.


A battle between good and evil occurs in the deep forest when a teenage girl is transported to an alternate dimension. She attempts to save their world and her own by teaming up with a motley crew of characters.

The Top Movies Like How to Train Your Dragon

I hope that you find something from this list. If you liked How to Train Your Dragon, you’d enjoy these other titles. Leave a comment below about other movies similar to How to Train Your Dragon.