Here’s how to find “Name of a movie you can’t remember.”

It’s common for people to forget the name of a movie they saw as kids, have seen the trailer on Youtube, or slept on the plane. Your life will soon be as perfect and romantic as the movie you forgot its name.

“What Is My Movie” and other genius websites that offer advanced search tools can help you find the movie name. It’s enough to have lyricless songs in our heads all day. We deserve to know the movie titles!

Do you need help finding the movie you are looking for? We’ve got you covered. This site has many easy hacks to help you find the movie name. Let’s get rolling!

Five Different Methods to Find the Name of a Movie You Don’t Know

What Is My Movie Name?

What’s my movie is an online site that will help you locate the movie name, even if you know fewer details, plot, description, or actor.

This website was created to simplify video searches. It will use any information you provide and recommend movies as no search engine can. You can even voice search!

“We aim to create a new and descriptive way to search video content,” What is my film states. “Our technology can understand the contents of video files.” We can search data that was not previously searchable, including text and pattern recognition.

How can you use the website for the movie name?

It’s straightforward, type or speaks what you remember from that movie. This could make for some great dialogue. Here is a glimpse of what it would look like if we searched “Ages Backwards.”

God bless the 21st-century art of AI.

The Metacritic rating is also displayed in ‘What Is My Movie.’ That terrible movie you grew up with was a good one. Nutty Professor 2: The Klumps was a movie I revisited, and I can assure you that not every movie is as funny now as it was when I was 8.

What other ways to find the name of a movie you don’t remember?

You’re just a few clicks away from the name that has kept you curious for so long, thanks to years of AI, Cinephiles, and databases.


IMDb is an online movie database. This website has every movie ever made! You may have visited IMDb at some point in your life. I see IMDb for trivia and movie information regularly.

How to search IMDb

  • Search IMDb allows you to find what you want from the plot, actors, directors, and more.
  • Your search should be simple. IMDb won’t respond to “What is my movie?” The database does not accept long sentences and guesses. It would be best if you stuck to clear keywords.
  • Follow this IMDb search hack.

Advance Title Search allows you to “Tick,” as the name suggests, as many details as you can remember about the movie to find the correct answer. The following options will allow you to filter your search:

  • Title: Is this a Movie? Documentary? Click it!
  • Release date: It is possible to assume you can go from one year to the next. This will reduce it one step further.
  • Genre You’ll remember guns, fast cars, a well-rounded cast, and the late arrival of the FBI. It’s an action movie,
  • The plot: Do you remember some of the details? Enter the story that brought you back to this movie.
  • Keywords We’ve already mentioned that defining keywords is essential. Ex: Beauty Pageant, Cop, Comedy.
  • Title Group Oscar-winning? Click it. Razzie-winning can also be selected, but would you want to watch that?
  • Additional options: Language, Location, etc.

Additional Tip: Add the movie name to your wishlist by tapping (+Wishlist). IMDB will help you remember the word if you forget it again.

To access this option, you need to sign up for IMDB.

Film Find

Film find is a twist of IMDB. It is a community-based site that answers all your movie-related questions. It’s the ‘Quora of movies’! You’ll have to wait for other users to answer your questions. It is not AI-based or computer-based.

Describe the movie you know, and cinephiles are more than happy for you to find it. Is it a love story or a tragedy? Is the Ship able to sink after hitting an iceberg? What was the last time the violinists played before they stopped playing?

This forum-like website will provide you with different answers from different users. Vote for the best solution and enjoy watching the movie!

This website is a great place to search for the movie’s name by the scene. You’ve probably seen scenes from movies on Instagram or heard monologues about movies used in Tiktok challenges. Amazing cinephiles will be able to recall amazing scenes from movies.

Search for a movie on your streaming site

It’s one thing to find the movie’s name that you can’t recall, but is it available on the subscription services?

You have the support of streaming giants like Netflix, Prime Video’s search option, and other video providers!

You can find the right actor, director, or music composer by searching for them. It’s like a one-stop shop.

It sounds great.

Below is a Netflix search for Hans Zimmer, the film score composer responsible for some of the most memorable movies. This one is for music geeks who can recall Hans and forget Heath Ledger’s Joker from The Dark Knight.

Netflix suggests movies with Hans Zimmer’s score. It also recommends other Netflix users who searched for Hans Zimmer.

Wild About Movies

The mind is mysterious. We know this. Wild About Movies is a fantastic website to search for the name of that movie.

It lists movies according to their release year and week of release. This website claims that it promises greater release date accuracy than IMDb.

You may have seen a lousy comedy on Deadpool’s screens that day. If so, Zoolander 2 was released the next day. Wild About Movies says it was Zoolander 2. The more you learn.

This section will show you how to use an overlooked Google tool to find the movie’s name that you need to learn. This only works if there is a movie playing nearby.

It is possible to know the name of a movie in your backyard, but it is unlikely. You can still see a scene from a film on your barber’s television or in a lobby and say, “I want the name of that film!” Google is now part of the chat.

Google Image Search allows you to search for images similar to the one you are looking for. You can also take a picture of the movie and use it for the name search.

Google Lens, the mobile equivalent of Google Image search, will be available if you are not at home.

How to search for images:

  • Use Google Lens to take or upload the photo and then tap search. Click here if you have any questions about mobile image search.
  • The movie’s name will likely be revealed in the search results for the uploaded image.

Enjoy the film!